Sharon’s Secret Sister / Sarah’s Secret


Pam Roberts was being fostered by the Taylors when she discovered that Sharon James, a girl at the Children’s Home next door, was her sister. Sharon was delighted and hoped to share Pam’s foster family. They decided to say nothing yet, to make sure the Taylors wanted Sharon for herself. But Pam had no intention of letting Sharon join her.

In the reprint Pam Roberts is renamed Sarah Roberts.

sharons secret sister


  • Art: Carlos Freixas


  • Sharon’s Secret Sister –  Judy: #1324 (25 May 1985) – #1339 (7 September 1985)
  • Reprinted as Sarah’s Secret – M&J:   #42 (29 February 1992) – #57 (13 June 1992)


2 thoughts on “Sharon’s Secret Sister / Sarah’s Secret

  1. Was this story reprinted as “Sarah’s Secret” in M&J, with altered names and title? The plot is virtually identical, the surname of the foster parents is the same, and the artist is the same.

  2. It does look like it’s the same story, it was quite common to have a reprinted story with some character names changed, that was one I hadn’t noticed before.

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