A Song by Friday


Jo Jonson’s hobby of collecting and recording old folk songs was known only to her closest friends. Secretly she sends off her recording to a young folk singer Candy Cotton in the hopes of getting it on tv.

a song by friday



  • A Song by Friday –  Judy: #680 (20 January 1973) – #690 (31 March 1973)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1244 (12 November 1983) – #1254 (21 January 1984)

3 thoughts on “A Song by Friday

  1. A Song By Friday (not Hetty’s Hands obviously) runs in Judy 1246 (Nov. 26 1983) – 1254 (Jan. 21 1984). This is a repeat of the same title, albeit two instalments shorter, that ran in Judy 680 (Jan. 20 1973) – 690 (Mar. 31 1973).

  2. Yes, you are quite right. I can’t blame tiredness in the British Library because as I have all those issues in house I didn’t need to consult them there. Must have been tiredness here. The source for the story incidentally was Hickory Dick – The Singing Hobo in The Wizard in 1950.

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