Cindy and the Crystal Shoes / The Secret Ballerina


Cindy Reeves, a very talented young ballet dancer, was competing in secret for the Crystal Shoes Trophy ad the chance of a scholarship to a famous ballet school. Cindy was an orphan and her guardian, Vi Burke, ill -treated her and had forbidden her to dance. But Cindy had been helped by Mrs Webster, a friendly neighbour, and also the Sister at the hospital where Mrs Webster was taken after a fall. After overcoming many difficulties, Cindy had reached the final of the contest.

cindy and crystal shoes



  • Cindy and the Crystal Shoes – Mandy:  #464 (6 December 1975) – #478 (13 March 1976)
  • Reprinted as The Secret Ballerina – Mandy: #723 (22 November 1980) – #738 (7 March 1981)


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