Lonely Lynn


Lynn Walsh is bitter that everyone in the class has a friend except her because the only two she had have moved away. So she turns to breaking up as many friendships in the class as she can out of spite. She has a lot of fun and success in doing so, but then two of her victims compare notes and realise there is a troublemaker in class breaking up friendships. After investigation they find evidence that points to Lynn, and they set a trap – bait her into framing one of them for vandalism in order to split them up – to see if she is the troublemaker.

The trap is so successful that Lynn is sent to a new school. Lynn intends to start over with a new friend she has found and stop breaking up friendships. But an ex-friend is determined to break them up, so Lynn could get a taste of her own medicine.


  • Artist: Douglas Perry


  • Lonely Lynn –  Bunty:  #1915 (24 September 1994) – #1924 (26 November 1994)

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