Mandy Complete Stories


Mandy had a number of complete one-off stories. Listed below.

“The Camera Can’t Tell Lies”

Moira and her sister Jane get a job as extras on a film set. They take some photos around the set, when a star’s wallet is stolen the girls are accused, but they are able to prove their innocence with the photos they took earlier.

The Badge of Bravery

Story about Elizabeth Harris a nurse who earned a badge of bravery for her work during cholera epidemic in 1869 in India.

The Disappearing Girl

Complete text story. A girl volunteers for a conjuring act, which is visited by the ghost of the magician’s deceased assistant.



List of Stories:

  • “The Camera Can’t Tell Lies” – Mandy: #115 (29 March 1969)
  • The Badge of Bravery – Mandy: #116 (5 April 1969)
  • Della in the Dark – Mandy: #345 (25 August 1973)
  • The Disappearing Girl (text) –  Mandy: #944  (16 February 1985)
  • Christmas Story – Mandy: #728 (27 December 1980)


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