Margie in the Middle [1977]


Margie Heath is tired of being “the middle one” and being called dull and stupid because she does not shine like her sisters Babette (ballet) and Irene (piano). Grandma Heath encourages Margie’s talent for painting huge pictures, but her family does not understand.




  • Margie in the Middle –  Mandy: #523 (22 January 1977) – #537 (30 April 1977)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #1234 (8 September 1990) – #1248 (15 December 1990)


One thought on “Margie in the Middle [1977]

  1. There was an earlier version c. early ’70s? Margie painted in a ‘modern art’ style – one painting she entitled ‘Summer Storm’ was made up of oblongs – though her grandmother liked it …

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