Move Over, Maria (1994)


New girl Josie Goulden looks so sweet and angelic, but Maria Campbell soon finds out that Josie is a nasty schemer who is trying to push her out of her position as class captain with a series of tricks and frame-ups to discredit her. Josie’s tricks have all but Maria’s best friend Beth Parker turning against her, and Maria is finding that Josie is too clever to be caught out.

In time, Maria learns that Josie’s over-indulgent father promises her expensive gifts and vast sums of money if she achieves any particular thing at school, which he sets. As a result, Josie cheats her way to achieve them and receive the rewards her father promises. The reason why Josie pushed Maria out of the class captain job was that her father had promised her a new stereo if she became class captain.

When Josie’s tricks get Maria suspended, Maria and Beth join together for a last-ditch plan to expose her, which succeeds. Josie is expelled and Maria is reinstated to both school and her former position as class captain. Maria forgives her apologetic friends, but doesn’t forget how Josie showed her who her real friends are.



  • Move Over, Maria –  Bunty:   #1917 (8 October 1994) – #1928 (24 December 1994)

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