Slave to Aunt Sadie! [1990]


Julie Reid is taken from the children’s home by her Aunt Sadie, but she soon finds Aunt Sadie is a horrible, abusive aunt. Julie does not want to complain about Aunt Sadie to the home because she wants to stay near her lovely friend Emma Wallace, who has been adopted by a nice couple, the Trents. In the end Aunt Sadie is found out and the Trents adopt Julie as well.



  • Slave to Aunt Sadie! –  Mandy: #1240 (20 October 1990) – #1249 (22 December 1990)


6 thoughts on “Slave to Aunt Sadie! [1990]

  1. To stay near her lovely friend Emma, who has been adopted by a nice couple, the protagonist tries to hide that the aunt with whom she herself is staying is horrible, because she is afraid she will be taken away from Emma. In the end, the truth comes out and Emma’s parents adopt her as well.

  2. The things these protagonists in girls’ comics put up with, just because of something or someone nice they don’t want to disrupt.

    1. Thank you for the information about the end dates, Derek. By the way, do you have the name of the protagonist in “Slave to Aunt Sadie”?

  3. When Emma Wallace first leaves the children’s home, she is invited to live with Mr and Mrs Trent in Midbury, which is about fifty miles away. However, when she returns, she tells her best friend, Julie Reid, that she is going to turn the offer down because it would mean leaving Julie behind. Two days later though, a woman who claims to be Julie’s father’s elder sister, Sadie, who coincidentally also lives in Midbury, turns up to offer Julie a home. Emma gives Julie her address so that they can stay in contact. Julie gets a shock when Aunt Sadie is taking her up to see her room because she is addressed as ‘brat’, her room is scruffy, and she is to settle in quickly because she has to make the tea and do all the ironing. However, because the two friends are in the same town, Julie decides not to complain to the children’s home because she would lose touch with her best friend.

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