Slaves of the Mill


Jane March works in a Victorian cotton mill. The children who work there are cruelly treated by Ebenezer the overseer, his wife Martha and the nephew of the mill owner, Francis Birkenshaw. Jane tries to make the children’s lives easier, such as making warm undergarments to supplement their thin clothes. The cruel overseers start to see Jane as a threat. Then Ebenezer realises there is more to Jane when he sees a gold ring that belonged to her mother on her finger and she calls out a name while she is ill. There is a mystery here that he knows something about, and it hardens his resolve to get rid of Jane.



  • Art: Len Potts


  • Slaves of the Mill –  Mandy: #139 (13 September 1969) – #150 (29 November 1969)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #700 (14 June 1980) – #711 (30 August 1980)


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