Dopey Dora – the Hope of the School


Dora Spoone is the dimmest pupil at Eversford School, and is also the school klutz – everything she does goes wrong. Yet the school computer picks her as the most brilliant scholar, so she is entered along with five other clever pupils in the School of the Year Contest. Ironically, it is Dora’s blundering that is pulling the team through to success. All the same, her team mates want to get rid of her.



  • Art: Charles Morgan


  • Dopey Dora – the Hope of the School –  Bunty: ? (1969) – #633 (February 28, 1970)

2 thoughts on “Dopey Dora – the Hope of the School

  1. “Dopey Dora – the Hope of the School” ends in Bunty: #633 (February 28, 1970). I don’t know when it begins.

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