For Sam’s Sake [1998]


Anna Thorpe and her brother Sam are being fostered out to the Sanders family while their mother is in hospital. Anna is not keen on living in the Sanders household because the daughter, Carla, is a spiteful, snobby, spoiled girl who always picks on her. Eventually Anna decides to do so for the sake of Sam, who does want to stay. But Carla is trying to get rid of them, so Anna has to constantly watch out for her tricks and foil them however she can.

Eventually Carla succeeds in getting rid of Anna and Sam. But she is caught out later on when a witness informs Mr Sanders that he overheard Carla bragging about it to her friend. The Sanders parents are furious and inform social welfare that Carla will be dealt with. Fortunately, by this time Mum has recovered enough to take care of Anna and Sam again.



  • Photo story


  • For Sam’s Sake – ┬áBunty: #2128 (24 October 1998) – #2137 (26 December 1998)

2 thoughts on “For Sam’s Sake [1998]

  1. If anyone knows how this one ended, I would love to hear about it! And, of course, the issue in which it ended.

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