Princess of the Pops


Princess Helen of Lichenberg loves pop music. But her father, King Gustave, does not, and has forbidden her to listen to it. Little does he know that Helen has now become a pop star herself, under the masked guise of M’Lady of Mystery, and she is even performing under his very nose in her pop star identity.


  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Prinses in de Top 40” – Tina: #25/1976-#42/1976.


  • Princess of the Pops –  Bunty: #926 (October 11 1975) – #939 (January 10 1976).

4 thoughts on “Princess of the Pops

    1. I wonder what the king thought when he found out the masked pop star was his own daughter. I’m sure he must have found that out eventually.

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