The School Beneath the Dome


Two alien women, Deimos and Phobos, imprison Marlborough Girls’ High School in a transparent dome in order to study human education. Deanna Darwin, captain of the Fifth Form, is determined to defeat the aliens. But she has to contend with things like the aliens encasing her in a magnetic force field so she cannot eat or touch anything, and the weird effects the imprisonment seems to be having on the girls.


  • Art: Emilio Frejo


  • The School Beneath the Dome –  Bunty: #414 (18 Dec. 1965) – #428 (26 Mar. 1966)

7 thoughts on “The School Beneath the Dome

  1. I absolutely loved this series, and collected them all. My darling Grandmother, threw them out and I was devastated. Would love to find a copy of them

  2. I have the full run of ‘The School Beneath The Dome’, Hazel, which I would be happy to scan and print off for you. Regarding the issue of posting them to you, it would be completely understandable if you are unwilling to give me your postal address. I would though, under those circumstances be perfectly prepared to send them to you via lorrsadmin, although as she and I are virtual friends of long standing, trusting each other implicitly despite never having actually met, I’m sure she would be prepared to vouch for my honesty and integrity. I’ll leave the ball in your court and look forward to your reply.

  3. Two questions, Mistyfan. First, who are you addressing in this post, me or lorrsadmin? Secondly, what do you mean exactly by your word ‘panel’?

    1. I assume Mistyfan is addressing me. To clarify Mistyfan, I didn’t mean Derek had sent me a copy if this story, just that he had sent me copies of other stories in the past. I don’t have any issues of this story myself.

      Derek a ‘panel’ is what each separate picture box in a story is called, so Mistyfan is just referring to the picture examples I usually try to put with each post.

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