Too Many Cooks [1998]


Kathy Cook is an only child who wishes she could see more of her other relations in Barchester. It looks like her wish has come true when her dad gets a transfer to Barchester, where they will be near their family at last. But Kathy begins to have second thoughts once she sees the problems that come with it.


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  • Too Many Cooks –  Bunty: – #2117 (8 August 1998) – #2121 (5 September 1998)

2 thoughts on “Too Many Cooks [1998]

  1. There was an older version called Too Many Cookes in the 1960s, so probably not the same story at all. It was quite ahead of its time, I remember, with a family of children wondering around, their house had been condemned and they were in poverty. I think the baby in the pram was called Billy and there were some twins called Elvis and Elvira. Anyone else remember it?

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