True Love


Polly True has always been a model schoolgirl, but things get awkward when her mother starts a teaching job at her school. It gets even more awkward when romance begins to bloom between Mum and the principal, Mr Love. Polly’s classmates start teasing her over it and accuse her of getting preferential treatment because of it. Polly starts deliberately misbehaving in the hope it will stop the romance and the teasing. But of course it backfires; Polly gets suspended and causes her mother a lot of heartbreak. Polly now realises her mistake, but can she put it right?


  • Photo story


  • True Love –  Bunty: #2068 (30 August 1997) – #2078 (8 November 1997)

One thought on “True Love

  1. There is no character called Polly Love in this serial. There is a Polly True, and a Mr Love, who is her headteacher, and who seems to fancy her mother. However, as no marriage has taken place by the end of the serial, although there does seem to be a vague possibility of one, Polly is still a True.

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