Village of Fear


Young Janet Lee is trying to prove that giant bats are driving the terrified villagers of Fearton from their homes. It’s Janet’s belief that the bats are controlled by a sinister Miss Brendon, the owner of Dark’s Folly. With newspaper reporter Tom Brookes, Janet keeps watch on the castle. Suddenly the giant bats appear and the pair are spotted.

village of fear


  • Art: Adolfo Usero
  • Issues 42-44 the title was “The Village of Fear” before “the” was dropped
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Dorp van de angst ” – Debbie Groot Mysterieboek #7 (1978)


  • (The) Village of Fear – Spellbound: #42 (09 July 1977) – #52 (17 September 1977)

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