The Hours of Darkness


Hannah and Sam are two orphans working in Mrs Kennel’s lodging house in the East End of London. One of the lodgers is Peter Palisade, a mystery man who sleeps by day and goes out only after dark. Sam decides to follow him one night. Peter Palisade returns but there is no further sign of Sam. Hannah is sure that Peter has killed Sam but she is forced to flee when Palisade catches her searching a large trunk in his room. Hannah finds refuge with Sarah.  an old friend, and late at night, when . everyone is asleep, the two girls return to the lodging house to pick up  Hannah’s few poor belongings, just as they are about to leave. the front door begins to open…

hours of darkness


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  • The Hours of Darkness – Debbie: #140(18 Oct 1975) – #144 (15 Nov 1975)

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