Penny’s Puppets (1966)


Orphan Penny Fairchild lives with her stern, cold grandmother Agnes Fairchild at the Fairchilds’ ancestral home, Middleton Manor. She feels out of place at school because of the clothes grandmother makes her wear and grandmother not allowing her friends over, but finds solace in her teacher Miss Jackson. Penny finds further solace in the puppets she finds in the attic and starts playing with, but this is going against grandmother, who has forbidden her to go to the attic.

Then Miss Jackson tells Penny that the trouble is about a family feud. The feud has something to do with the puppets, which are linked to Roland, the world’s greatest puppeteer and ventriloquist, and a singer called Rose Rossay. They start to investigate the mystery together.



  • Penny’s Puppets – Bunty: #435 (14 May 1966) – #440 (25 June 1966)

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