Tuesday’s Child


Thirteen-year-old Avril Delman is expelled from the Regal Ballet School when her vindictive tutor, one-time star ballerina Marta Nicova, tells Madame Fontana, the school’s principal, that Avril is an athlete rather than a ballet dancer.

Later watching a gymnastics competition on television with her father, Avril realises that many of the movements in the gymnastic exercises are similar to the ones she has already perfected in her ballet classes. She comments on the similarity to her father, who promptly takes her to watch members of the Territorial Army doing their gymnastic training in the local Drill Hall.

Dad is all for going in to the Regal School the following morning to complain to Madame Fontana about the expulsion, but Avril has seen the light, and tells her father not to bother as she has decided that she will go to a normal school, and take up gymnastics instead of ballet.

After eventually winning the British Junior Championship, Avril is chosen for special coaching for the next Olympic Games.



  • Tuesday’s Child – Bunty #504 (9 September 1967) – #523 (20 January 1968)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Child

  1. Is Tuesday’s Child a repeat of an earlier serial, or is it itself repeated, possibly in a paper other than Bunty, and maybe even under a different title?

    1. It’s always possible, I believe I had got the information about the story from you to begin with, but hadn’t updated the site immediately about it.

  2. Well that makes sense, Lorraine, because I know I wrote the plot summary that you presented above. Thank you for that clarification. What I can no longer remember, probably because I write so many summaries, is when I wrote it and where I posted it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on the site that you closed down last year. I’ll check later anyway as I still have that list of titles.

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