Cindy’s Awful Sisters (1980)


Cindy Sellers has a hard life slaving at Tower Hotel for her stepmother and lazy stepsisters, Cora and Rose. But Cindy always has the last laugh over the stepsisters every week.




  • Cindy’s Awful Sisters – Tracy: #47 (23 August 1980) – #54 (11 October 1980)

5 thoughts on “Cindy’s Awful Sisters (1980)

  1. There was a similar story in Judy a few years later, after it had merged with Tracy, called Cinderella Jones. I think it was set in a nursing home rather than a hotel.

  2. I remember one episode where one of the old ladies was having a birthday party and Cindy decides to invite the lady’s son and grandchildren as a surprise, as she is always talking about them. It turns out that she has no family. The stepmother tells everyone about how she invented relatives that don’t exist – in front of the old lady, who leaves the room in tears.

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