The Taming of the Tearaway


Nellie Brooks is a proper little terror – but one woman thinks Nellie could become a world class gymnast!


  • Art: Andy Tew


  • The Taming of the Tearaway – Bunty #981 (30 October 1976) – #1004 (9 April 1977)
  • Reprinted – Bunty #1521 (7 March 1987) – #1544 (15  August 1987)
  • Reprinted – Lucky Charm #26 (1983)

1 thought on “The Taming of the Tearaway

  1. Thanks for posting this. I seem to remember being a bit creeped out by the idea of a mysterious voice talking to the main character (Nellie Brooks, if my memory serves me correctly) but that’s what made it such an engaging story – you were left wondering who on earth was spying on her all the time.

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