The Taming of the Tearaway


Nellie Brooks is a proper little terror – but one woman thinks Nellie could become a world class gymnast!


  • Art: Andy Tew


  • The Taming of the Tearaway – Bunty #981 (30 October 1976) – #1004 (9 April 1977)
  • Reprinted – Bunty #1521 (7 March 1987) – #1544 (15  August 1987)
  • Reprinted – Lucky Charm #26 (1983)

2 thoughts on “The Taming of the Tearaway

  1. Thanks for posting this. I seem to remember being a bit creeped out by the idea of a mysterious voice talking to the main character (Nellie Brooks, if my memory serves me correctly) but that’s what made it such an engaging story – you were left wondering who on earth was spying on her all the time.

    1. I’ve been reading old installments of this story and it’s intriguing – I like how Madame Helga started out very strict but softened as she got to know Nellie. Both of them changed as the story went along, with Nellie starting to feel guilty for her behaviour and wanting to make her teacher proud.

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