16 thoughts on “Catch the Cat Game (1977)

  1. Given that the Cat is restricted to moving forward along her yellow route the number of squares indicated on her die, she is clearly at an immediate disadvantage because not only will three Germans be chasing her along their white route, they can also move backwards, a useful tactic if they are in front of her, and even ignore their die number altogether and stay right where they are if they feel that such a decision could be advantageous.

    1. I thought it sounded like an unfair advantage for the Germans. Still, players might decide to ignore that rule, or give The Cat the same advantage.

      1. Neither alternative would be acceptable. Rules are rules and you have to play by them. The problem is that the implications of those accompanying this game have not been thoroughly thought through, and it’s not as if the creators didn’t have enough time.

        1. You never know. Maybe they did test the rule out themselves. It was an unconventional one, so they might have thought it wise to do so.

          1. There is no evidence to suggest that they did. If they had done so they would have realised that not only are the black squares the only ones that matter but also that although the Cat may be forced to land on one or more, the Germans never need to land on any. The Cat’s only option is to get to the end square without being landed on so to speak. She can never capture a German or discomfit any as she can in the picture stories. What a silly game this is!!

    2. Come to think of it, the game does sound more exciting with the Germans able to change direction or mark time. And it makes a change from the usual pitfalls/bonuses when you land on a particular square. Doesn’t look like they had the room for that and they had to have something to replace it with.

      And the Germans able to change direction and mark time is closer to the flavour of how real German soldiers would hunt a wanted person than squares that say, for example, “You spot The Cat on the cliff! Advance 3 squares” or “The Cat makes your truck go over the cliff. Miss a turn while you wait for a replacement”.

  2. It does seem unbalanced but maybe in practice it is okay. For example it may be a risk for German to stay in one spot, if the Cat passes over them then she has more of a lead. I’m tempted to print it off and try it out!

    1. How does the Germans moving backwards work anyway? If they throw a four, can they move back four instead of four forwards?

    2. If you do try it out, please provide feedback on how it went and how the special rules for the Germans worked for you.

  3. I think you’d have to use very small counters for this game – especially when it comes to the three Germans. Maybe someone could enlarge it to A3.

    1. I’ve just checked. Standard size counters do overlap the smaller squares but not by enough to spoil the game.

  4. Girls’s comics often published games like this, particularly in annuals and holiday specials. But I’ve often wondered – did anyone actually play them?

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