I’ll Only Walk Alone! (1980)


Jenny Brent is recovering the use of her legs after a car crash. Then she overhears her father making a phone call to an unknown woman named Daphne that he will join her once Jenny recovers. To keep her father at home, Jenny decides to pretend she is still disabled.

The family find Jenny out when a runaway pram rolls down into the sea and she has to get out of her wheelchair in order to rescue the baby. Dad demands to know how long Jenny has been deceiving her family and why. When Jenny says it was because of Daphne, Dad tells her she jumped to the wrong conclusion; the phone call was about a job offer and Daphne was his employer’s wife.


  • “The Living Lie of Linda” in Mandy annual 1981 had the same plot.
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Jenny’s besluit” (“Jenny’s Decision”) – Debbie #32 (1982).


  • I’ll Only Walk Alone! – Tracy: #24 (15 March 1980) – #34 (24 May 1980)

7 thoughts on “I’ll Only Walk Alone! (1980)

  1. In the Mandy 1981 Annual there was a story “The Living Lie of Linda” which had the same plot. In that story it turns out the father had actually been talking about a job offer with the woman.

  2. This story starts in TRACY 24 (May 31 1980). Jenny Brent’s deception is only discovered in the final instalment when she needs to get out of her unnecessary wheelchair in order to catch a runaway pram that rolls into the sea when its brake gets released. She dives in and then down to the submerged pram to unstrap the drowning baby and bring him to the shore. Her father sees her walking and demands an explanation.

  3. In I’ll Only Walk Alone Jenny had overheard her father making a phone call to Daphne, his new boss’s wife, in which he was asking her to tell her husband that he would join them when his daughter Jenny was well again, out of the wheelchair and walking unaided. As lorrsadmin suggests, it certainly seems as if the story in the 1981 MANDY annual is essentially a repeat of the 1980 TRACY serial.

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