No Dogs Allowed [1986]


When Colonel Voler banned dogs from Britain in the 1990s, Meg Brown set out with her dog Floss and her three pups to join her father, a wanted resistance worker in Portsmouth. She was pursued by security officer Gritten who hoped to trace her father and destroy the dogs.



  • No Dogs Allowed – Suzy: #213 (4 October 1986) – #222 (6 December 1986)

4 thoughts on “No Dogs Allowed [1986]

    1. I wonder if it was the same writer as “Force of Evil”. I haven’t read all the issues so I don’t know if they specified why he wants the dogs gotten rid of.

      1. I suspect it was the same writer as “Force of Evil” too. And I don’t believe the colonel is getting rid of dogs out of the kindness of his heart because he thinks they spread disease and are a waste of resources. If you ask me, there’s a psychological reason for his ban on dogs, one which was probably revealed in the last episode.

    2. According to Colonel Voler ”dogs are a menace to health, spreading disease and requiring time and resources which could be spent more profitably – therefore I have issued a Government order banning all dogs from Britain.” ” A van will arrive in the morning to collect the dogs. They will be exterminated free of charge. Our Government is generous to those who obey.”

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