Born and raised in the outback of Australia, young Scrubcat Jackson had been the only one to see where nuclear rockets had landed when they had been launched in mistake by a foreign power. Her uncanny knowledge of the country had enabled Scrubcat to lead Major Chisolm, the de-fusing expert, to five of the rockets.


  • Art: Ron Smith
  • Reworked from a Wizard story of the same name, with the protagonist changed to female.


  • Scrubcat – Judy: #631 (12 February 1972) – #650 (24 June 1972)

3 thoughts on “Scrubcat

  1. ‘Scrubcat’ ran in JUDY 631 (Feb. 12 1972) – 650 (Jun. 24 1972). Just for information purposes, when I was writing THIS WAS THE WIZARD Kashgar informed me that the artist who drew the heading block drawing that illustrated the opening instalment of the text serial of ‘Scrubcat’, 1600 (Oct. 13 1956) – 1619 (Feb. 23 1957), was James ‘Peem’ Walker. Scrubcat was of course a boy in the serial in THE WIZARD. Quite a lot of the serials in text form in the boys’ papers were recycled for the girls’ papers, with an appropriate change of gender for the protagonist.

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