Diana Annual 1982

Picture Stories

  • The Joker (Pages: 7-12) [Art: Norman Lee]
  • Anna’s Story (Pages: 21-29/ 117-124)
  • Smith V Smythe (Pages: 33-42) [Art: Juan Solé Puyal]
  • A Man in Black Story: In an English Country Garden… (Pages: 49-59) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • Black Wedding Day (Pages: 66-73)
  • Village of Fear (Pages: 85-96) [Art: Ken Houghton]
  • When the Snow Lay Deep… (Pages: 97-104) [Art: Russ Nicholson]

Text Stories

  • The Twelve Dolls of Christmas (Pages: 30-32)
  • Becky’s Night Visitor (Pages: 112-113)


  • Olivia Newton John (Page: 6)
  • The Fangtastic Five (Page: 13)
  • Golden Greats – Elvis (Page: 14)
  • Star of the Sawdust Ring (Pages: 15-19)
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Visit? (Page: 20)
  • Fact File: Bjorn Borg (Pages: 32)
  • Ello…’Ello…’Ello… (Pages: 43-45)
  • Your Personality Perfume (Pages: 46-47)
  • Golden Greats – Cliff (Pages: 48)
  • A Dream Come Through (Pages: 60-63)
  • Meet Richard O’Sullivan (Pages: 64-65)
  • Style and Smile (Pages: 74-75)
  • Golden Greats – The Beatles (Pages: 76)
  • Ask a Silly Question (Pages: 77)
  • Fact File Trevor Eve (Pages: 77-78)
  • Fancy Dressers (Pages: 79)
  • Can You Believe Your Eyes? (Pages: 80-81)
  • Quik – Quiz (Pages: 82-83)
  • Golden Greats – The Osmonds (Pages: 84)
  •  Your Days are Numbered! (Pages: 109-111)
  • Bewitchin’  in the Kitchen (Pages: 114-115)
  • Golden Greats – The Bee Gees (Pages: 116)
  • Abba (Pages: 125)

7 thoughts on “Diana Annual 1982

  1. Thanks for a great site…brings back memories. Wish I had kept my annuals, but we are so often encouraged to discard our childhood memories.

    Do you ever remember the story when the young girl finds her clothes were sewn professionally but yet she is the maid….would love to know its name?

    1. Do you think it was it a Diana annual? Do you have more details like was it a contemporary or historical setting? I’ll have a look see if anything seems to fit.

  2. want to find the most amazing story of a gypsy girl that was a beautiful dancer for Russian troops…. had no money but was taken in by a teacher who saw her talent…. last clip of the comic strip was a rose being thrown on the stage she was dancing on by the soldier who she loved that she thought had died???

    1. I haven’t had a chance to check this one yet, it does sound like a Diana annual story, I’ll try and go through mine this week see if I can find it.

      1. I’ve not seen this, but it sounds a possible for a late Diana Annual, and it might be worth checking “Rose Forever” from the 1980 annual.

  3. A few suggested artist names:

    The Joker [Art: Norman Lee]
    Smith v Smythe [Art: Juan Solé Puyal]
    In an English Country Garden [Art: David Matysiak]
    Village of Fear [Art: Ken Houghton]
    When the Snow Lay Deep… [Art: Russ Nicholson]

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