7 Years Celebration!

Today is the site’s  7th birthday!

A lot has changed since I launched it in 2011 – changes not only here, but in British comics and in my personal life. I’m glad that I have been able to keep this up and running and all the connections I’ve made through this site.

When I started writing this blog there seemed to be very little talk about old British girls comics,(which is what led to the  thought “why not do it myself!”)  but over the years, I’ve found I am not alone, there are more people interested in the topic. Special mentions for Mistyfan who contributes articles to this site and the jinty resources site and Derek Marsden (Phoenix) who has provided many details about the DCT publications. He is currently busy writing a book “Bunty and her Sisters” and I very much look forward to it’s release. The comicsuk forum have also been a helpful and lovely bunch, especially with helping to track down stories. I’ve been most happy to have gotten in contact with some of the creators of these stories and given them their must deserved credit.

Another pleasing change has been the revival of British Comic scene in general, in the last 7 years. When I started, Bunty (the last remaining girls comic) just stopped doing annual books and the weekly had been finished for years. On a brighter note, The Phoenix did launch soon after this site started and it still going strong today, along with the Beano and 2000AD. Comicscene a new magazine dedicated to British comics has just launched, it’s first issue focusing on women (highlights for DCT include articles on Valda and Supercats). But the biggest news of course was Rebellion’s purchase of old IPC/Fleetway titles and the launch of their Treasury line. I grew up mainly on DCT comics but  thanks to Rebellion reprints I am discovering some great gems of IPC stories too. It is also great to see new stories with a second Scream!Misty special coming this Halloween too. It’s exciting times, that I couldn’t have imagined  happening years ago. [Edit for Update: I just listened to the Classic British Comics Panel from SDCC,   it’s well worth a listen: https://2000ad.com/post/3875]

As for the site itself, I’ve slowed down a lot in the last year, having a toddler at home keeps me busy! But I am looking forward to sharing these comics with her when she’s older and in the meantime I’m glad I can still put out posts regularly. In the future, I still intend to do long posts covering stories in detail and I’ve few ideas for some different articles too.  I also want to keep on increasing the index of stories – which just gives brief description and issue dates. I am pleased that I now have a complete list of serials done for 4 of the shorter publications; Emma, M&J, Nikki and Spellbound. Those 4 publications also have lists that can be sorted by year as well as story name. As well as serials, I am also working on indexing the annuals.  So there’s plenty of work to keep me going for another 7 years and beyond!



8 thoughts on “7 Years Celebration!

    1. I think I first saw it on facebook. Here’s an article that shows off the great cover by Kyle Hotz – https://downthetubes.net/?p=99362.

      There is also going to be an alternative Misty& Scream cover, like last year too. Story List: Black Max, 13th Floor, Black Beth, Best Friends Forever and Decomposition Jones.

      From looking at the story titles doesn’t appear to be any direct Misty sequels (like Return of the Sentinels) but stories keeping with the Misty short story theme (tales from the Realms of the Mist, as the article puts it).

  1. Seven years in and we have helped so many people track down missing issues, story titles and other queries. This site has been so invaluable for former readers out there.

  2. Congratulations on 7 years and thanks for making this site. It has been very pleasantly nostalgic to revisit the stories I remembered (in some cases only very vaguel) from the 80s.

  3. If I have old English girls magazines, do you know of buyers?

    I personally would like to swap for runs of VALIANT (especially any editions with “The Last Boys in the World” in it), but I am open to straight sales too.

    Your site looks good. And CONGRATULATIONS on seven years!

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