Remember Rachel!


Orphaned Linda Dean was delighted to be fostered by kindly, well off Mr and Mrs Mount, and looked forward to a bright future as their adopted daughter. However, her happiness was overshadowed by the presence in the house of Nanny, an old lady who had looked after the Mounts’ daughter, Rachel, who had died three years earlier. Nanny made it clear to Linda that she would never allow her to take Rachel’s place. Meanwhile Linda had found out a few things about Rachel and had begun to discover why Rachel had been so unpopular at school.



  • Remember Rachel! – Bunty: circa #1536 (20 June 1987) – (?)

2 thoughts on “Remember Rachel!

  1. Essentially, this a children’s version of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’, with Nanny in the Mrs Danvers rôle! Even the masquerade costume episode is similar.

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