Jo and Mo [1977]


Jo Jenner runs a mobile hair-dressing service with her motorcycle, “Mo”. She soon finds she is meeting all sorts of people on the job. This leads to scrapes, such as a boy who wants a perm despite warnings it would not suit his shoulder-length hair. Then he gets so embarrassed at his hair being put in curlers and girls laughing at him that he locks himself away, which causes the perm solution to stay in his hair for too long and the curlers fall out! Fortunately Jo is able to retrieve the situation with his remaining hair.


  • Artist: Tom Hurst


  • Jo and Mo – Debbie: #236 (20 August 1977) – #242 (1 October 1977)
  • Jo and Mo – Debbie: #281 (1 July 1978)
  • Jo and Mo – Debbie: #297 (21 October 1978) – #304 (9 December 1978)

Other Appearances:

  • Jo and Mo – Debbie Annual 1980
  • Jo and Mo – Debbie Annual 1981
  • Jo and Mo – Debbie Annual 1983

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