Suzy Complete Stories

Suzy had a lot of short stories that only ran for two or three episodes, this seemed to be more common than complete stories but those still popped up now and again too. Most commonly before the start of a new serial. Stories Include:

Alison in Wonderland
After being hit on the head with a book a girl finds herself in a fantasy world. This was a mix of photo story and hand drawn, with the fantasy world art by David Matysiak.

Trouble in Store
Two girls causing trouble find themselves trapped in a tv.

The Printer’s Devil
When class began to use an old printer for school newspaper it seems what’s printed comes true, and one girl seems to have it out for all the boys in the class.

List of Stories

  • Cinderella 1983 (photo story) – Suzy: #17 (1 January 1983)
  • Alison in Wonderland (photo/pic) – Suzy: #18 (8 January 1983), Art: David Matysiak
  • It wasn’t Wendy (photo story)- Suzy: #18 (8 January 1983)
  • Ruth’s Reward  (photo story)- Suzy: #18 (8 January 1983)
  • Sing, Sandie Sing!  – Suzy: #51 (27 August 1983)
  • Nobody Liked Linda  – Suzy: #54 (17 September 1983)
  • The Camera Never lies (photo story) – Suzy: #65 (3 December 1983)
  • Roar Like a Lion… – Suzy: #71 (14 January 1984), Art: David Matysiak
  • Trouble in Store  – Suzy: #105 (8 September 1984)
  • The Garden of Secrets (photo story)- Suzy: #105 (8 September 1984)
  • Night Owl – Suzy: #126 (2 February 1985), Art: David Matysiak
  • Frankie goes to Hollywood (photo story)- Suzy: #140 (11 May 1985)
  • The Printer’s Devil – Suzy: #249(13 June 1987), Art: David Matysiak

4 thoughts on “Suzy Complete Stories

  1. Hi. I’m trying to track down a copy of the ‘Alison in Wonderland’ strip/photostory but an online seller I’ve contacted about it tells me that it doesn’t appear in Issue 17.

    Is there an error in your listing and if so could you let me know which issue it actually appears in? Thanks!

    1. I’ve double checked my records and error on my part I mixed up Cinderella and Alison story. Alison in Wonderland should have appeared in issue 18.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for the correction.

        Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t have a copy of Issue 18 and as back copies of Suzy seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth I’ll have to resign myself to never seeing a copy this story!

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