Teeny the Genie [1973]


Teeny the Genie was banished to live in a corked-up bottle for 100 years but is freed by Lucy. However, Lucy is a greedy girl and her mother wants to cure her. Teeny keeps trying to help with her magic, but it always goes wrong, leading to humorous hijinks.



  • Teeny the Genie Debbie: #14 (May 19 1973) – (?)

2 thoughts on “Teeny the Genie [1973]

  1. This one-page comedy strip started in issue 14 (May 19 1973).

    Just to clarify, in future, as in the past, I will only be answering questions, and/or commenting, on serials.

  2. Debbie must have had a fondness for genies. Some years later she ran another humorous genie strip, “Jenni the Homeless Genie”.

    Thank you for the start date, Derek.

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