The Sad Secret of Hateful Helen


Twelve year old Helen Ward was the eldest and best loved of the children at Parkview Children’s Home. While in hospital she discovered she only had months to live, so to save the other children from heartbreak when she died, Helen set out to stop them loving her.



  • The Sad Secret of Hateful Helen – Tracy: #84 (9 May 1981) – #95 (25 July 1981)

2 thoughts on “The Sad Secret of Hateful Helen

    1. If I had been writing the summary above, I might well have been inclined to put a hyphen between ‘Twelve’ and ‘year’, and another between ‘year’ and ‘old’, but there is nothing wrong with Lorraine’s use of the word ‘Twelve’, because it isn’t a numeral, it’s a word.

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