Fiona’s Strange Inheritance [1967]


Fiona McKnock Smith has been wrongly accused of attempting to poison the Chief of the McKnock clan and is sent away from McKnock Island. She creeps back to prove her innocence. Johnny Duncan accompanies her. She discovers a plot to steal the clan jewels, which the cook Mrs Strong and her granddaughter Fiona are part of. The crooks, Hank and Shortie, take Fiona and servant Dugald prisoner. After they escape they overhear Hank and Shortie planning to dispose of Mrs Strong and her granddaughter once they are of no further use. They warn Mrs Strong of this. She tells them Hank and Shortie have a new accomplice. Then they see Johnny with Hank and Shortie. Is he the new accomplice or what?


  • Artist: Peter Kay


  • Fiona’s Strange InheritanceBunty: circa #484 (22 April 1967) – (?)

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