Judy 1963

Picture Stories

  • Backstage Betty   (Pages: 6-11)  [Art: Don Walker]
  • Katie and the Whale  (Pages:12-16)
  • Julie at the Winter Palace  (Pages: 18-22)
  • Bobtail the Beach Rescue   (Pages: 23-28)
  • Baby Ballerina Growing Up   (Pages: 29-32) [Art: Don Walker]
  • Butterfly Belle and the Troublesome Trophy  (Pages: 38- 43) [Art: Ron Forbes?]
  • Anne Reynolds Growing Up  (Pages: 44-48)
  • Nanette of the North   (Pages: 57-61) [Art: Claude Berridge]
  • Anya at Ballet School  (Pages: 65-71)
  • Marisa and the Doves  (Pages: 74-80) [Art: Don Walker]
  • Primrose Cumming Growing Up  (Pages: 87-89)
  • The Wee Robin’s Secret  (Pages: 91-95) [Art: Claude Berridge]
  • Cherry on Top (Pages: 102-108)
  • Patricia Pauley Growing Up  (Pages: 109-112)
  • Anna Junior Miss  (Pages: 114-117)
  • Sandra and the Sad Star  (Pages: 118-125)  [Art: Paddy Brennan]

Text Stories

  • Petra the Party Maker  (Pages: 33-36)
  • Lucky Stars for Stella   (Pages: 49-52)
  • Nobody Wants Dixie  (Pages: 81-85)
  • Too Wild to Ride  (Pages: 97-99)
  • Adventure for Ann  (Pages: 113)


  • Stories: Roses  (Pages: 2-3, 126-127)
  • Judy for Girls (Gillian Shand & Louis Godrey – stars of ballet)      (Pages: 4-5)
  • Dancing with Madeleine and Geoffrey  (Pages: 17)
  • Milly and Tilly Go Camping  [Puzzles]  (Pages: 37)
  • Let’s Go to Drama School  (Pages: 53-56)
  • Fencing for Fun  (Pages: 62-63)
  • Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?  (Pages: 64)
  • Mary Lou and Softy Sue  (Pages: 72)
  • The Miracle (Pages: 73)
  • Little Runaway  (Pages: 86)
  • Milly and Tilly in Europe  [Puzzles]  (Pages: 90)
  • Hat-Mad  (Pages: 96)
  • Lovely to Look at  (Pages: 100-101)

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3 thoughts on “Judy 1963

    1. I’m just adding to catalogue, for people’s information, the content of the annual. I’ve added pictures that will also help identify stories quickly.

      I’ve had a few enquiries about stories from annuals, so this should make it easier for people to find it. This isn’t a new thing, under the annual tab I have many annuals that just list content, what is new is adding the pictures as before I just listed contents.

      Annuals take a long time to write a post about, but I hope I’ll get around to all of them at some point, though that is an ambitious project!

  1. As (like many of us) I have far too much time on my hands at present, I hope you won’t mind if I try to make myself useful by filling in some artist names for your annual entries, where I can be reasonably sure of them. I can quite appreciate that you may not have much time at the moment for making lots of amendments to the website, but I have tried to follow the format of the original entries, so it should hopefully be fairly easy to copy/paste them over as and when time permits.

    Alternatively, you could probably just leave them as they are in the “thoughts” section, as an addendum to the main entry.

    Here are some suggestions for this annual:

    • Backstage Betty (Pages: 6-11) [Art: Don Walker]
    • Baby Ballerina Growing Up (Pages: 29-32) [Art: Don Walker]
    • Butterfly Belle and the Troublesome Trophy (Pages: 38- 43) [Art: Ron Forbes?]
    • Nanette of the North (Pages: 57-61) [Art: Claude Berridge]
    • Marisa and the Doves (Pages: 74-80) [Art: Don Walker]
    • The Wee Robin’s Secret (Pages: 91-95) [Art: Claude Berridge]
    • Sandra and the Sad Star (Pages: 118-125) [Art: Paddy Brennan]

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