The Sign of the Blue Windmill [1965]


When Mr Ridgeway dies he leaves his house and possessions to Alison Kirk, whose uncle and aunt are servants there. Years before, Alison had discovered a beautifully kept secret garden on the property. The blue windmill is carved on the entrance to the garden. When Alison revisits the garden she is shocked to find someone has trashed it. Alison’s Uncle James thinks it has something to do with Groot, a Dutchman who was present at the reading of Mr Ridgeway’s will, because it was at that point Mr Ridgeway forbade Uncle James to go into the garden. Mr Ridgeway also left a secret message for Alison, and Groot makes a grab for it. He fails, and the message is a key to a safe deposit box. When Alison opens the safe deposit box, she is astonished to find it contains a chrysanthemum.



  • The Sign of the Blue Windmill Bunty: circa #375 (20 March 1965) – (?)

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