Bunty Annual 2005

Picture Stories

  • The Comp (pp. 15–19, 53–57, 77–81, 116–121) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
  • The Four Marys (pp. 34–39, 94–99) [Artist Jim Eldridge]
  • Lucinda’s Lesson aka Lady Mischief (pp. 63–71) [Artist Dudley Wynne]
  • “It’s Not Fair!” aka Holly’s Holiday (pp. 87–91) [Artist Ron Lumsden]
  • Perfect! (pp. 105–110) [Artist Nigel Parkinson]

Text Stories

  • The Haircut (pp. 42–43) [Artist Susannah Fishbourne]
  • The School Fete (pp. 102–103) [Susannah Fishbourne]

 Photo Stories

  • Once upon a Time… (pp. 5–9)
  • Quiz Time! (pp. 27–31)
  • Time Out! (pp. 45–49)
  • Once upon another Time… (pp. 121–125)


  • Shape Up! (pp. 2–3) Quiz
  • Oh, Baby! (pp. 10–11)
  • Makeover Magic! (pp. 12–13, 82–83, 100–101)
  • Spring (p. 14)
  • What’s Your Ideal Pet? (pp. 20–21) Quiz
  • Time to Tidy? (pp. 22–23)
  • Did You Know? (pp. 24–25, 60–61, 84–85)
  • Fruit Pickin’ (p. 26)
  • Season’s Greetings! (pp. 32–33)
  • Perfect Pals! (pp. 40–41)
  • Summer (p. 44)
  • Glitterama! (pp. 50–51)
  • Party Time! (p. 52)
  • You Say… (pp. 58–59)
  • Cross Eyed! (p. 62)
  • Charlie Busted (p. 72)
  • It’s a Wrap! (p. 73–75)
  • Are You a Crimbo Cracker? (p. 76) Quiz
  • Autumn (p. 86)
  • Parent Power! (pp. 92–93)
  • Winter (p. 104)
  • Festive Fun! (pp. 111–113)
  • You Say… (pp. 114–115)
  • Cool Colours! (pp. 126–127) Quiz


Note: “Lucinda’s Lesson” is reprinted from Bunty annual 1993. In the original print, its title was “Lady Mischief” and Lucinda Rice was named Gwendoline Parker-Rice.

Updated to add: “It’s Not Fair!” originally appeared in Bunty annual 1994 as “Holly’s Holiday”. In the reprint, the heroine has a new hairstyle.

16 thoughts on “Bunty Annual 2005

  1. Only 5 picture stories, though I suppose The Comp and The Four Marys have multiple parts.
    I haven’t read this annual, but I liked Lady Mischief/Lucinda’s Lesson from the 1993 annual, I see why it would be a good choice for a reprint.

    Is that a signature I see at the end of “Perfect” – Nigel Parkinson? Not someone I’ve seen before on girls comics but probably the same artist that worked on the Beano?

  2. “It’s Not Fair!” is another repackaging. It was originally published in the 1994 Annual as “Holly’s Holiday” with artwork by Ron Lumsden.

    The interesting thing is how they’ve chosen to update it. As far as I can tell from the sample above, they have retained Lumsden’s artwork (with full colour added) but have cut and pasted a new hairstyle onto the heroine!

    1. Thank you Goof. I suspected “It’s Not Fair!” was a retitled reprint from somewhere but could not find the evidence.

        1. There were also some cases where just the text was altered. “New Year’s Resolution” from the Judy 1993 Annual was reprinted as “It’s No Joke” in Bunty 2002. Apart from adding full colour, no alterations were made to Julio Bosch’s artwork, but the dialogue was rewritten and considerably improved.

      1. “Lucinda’s Lesson” is another reprint – originally in the 1993 Annual as “Lady Mischief”.

        There may be more. The Bunty/Mandy Annuals after 2001 seem to have been mostly made up of reprints from earlier annuals.

        1. “Selfish Sarah” in one Bunty annual was originally “Green Fingers” in a PSL. The artwork was completely changed (new artist) and the text altered in places.

          Maybe we should compile a list of these changes and put it up.

          1. I think there are lots of examples of new artists on reprint stories, more unusual seems to be just changing part of the artwork (like the hairstyle). It is interesting to see the differences in story reprints. Especially when they are reworked in different formats. Another example I found recently is “The Cat” Bunty picture story library actually first appeared in Mandy as a weekly serial “Princess of the Golden Dragon”

  3. “The Garden of Evil” in Misty #53 was reworked as “The Evil Garden” in Misty annual 1981. The story and dialogue were the exactly same, but the artwork is different. Personally, I think the new artwork is better because it brings the characters to the foreground in the panels, which shows their facial expressions and emotions more clearly. For example, the villain is brought off far more effectively than in the original because we can really see the evil in her face. In the original, the characters are often too distanced in the panels for you to see facial expressions properly.

    When “The Goose Girl” from Jinty was translated into Dutch reprint, they utilised new artwork for it too.

  4. One more artist name to add:

    Text Stories

     The Haircut (pp. 42–43) [Artist Susannah Fishbourne]
     The School Fete (pp. 102–103) [Artist Susannah Fishbourne]

  5. A few more artist names:

    • The Dancing Life of Moira Kent (Pages: 7-14) [Artist Ron Smith]
    • The Four Marys (Pages: 26-31) [Artist James Walker]
    • There Will Always Be a Boko (Pages: 33-37) [Artist George Ramsbottom]
    • Lyn Raymond, Air Stewardess (Pages: 75-80) [Artist Ron Forbes?]
    • Her Doctor Had 4 Legs (Pages: 86-91) [Artist Ron Forbes?]
    • Parachute Nurse (Pages: 120-124) [Artist Ron Forbes?]

    Text Stories

    • Lance –Corporal. Sally (Pages: 52-54) [Artist Ron Forbes?]

    The inclusion of Ron Forbes is a little speculative, and I’d be grateful if anybody could confirm whether or not I’ve got this right.

  6. Another example of a reprinted story having alterations besides full colouring is Matchmaker! (originally Miss Matchmaker from Bunty 1993) in Bunty 2006. In the reprint, some characters have had their clothes and hairstyles updated and their names changed (besides the slight changes in dialogue) while the record player has been removed from the opening panel.

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