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Another prolific DCT writer, that I am happy to be able to give credit to – Marion Turner (née Eadie)  under the pen name Fiona Turner, submitted over 500 scripts to various DC Thomson magazines/ comics, from 1973 to her retirement in 1994.  Stories that will be well remembered by many people including Supercats (Spellbound) Madame Marlova Remembers (Debbie) , The Double Life of Sad Sarah (Mandy) and Cybela (Judy).

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(Supercats : Wings of Fear – Spellbound #67)

As she begin her career editing Urania (Journal of the Junior Astronomical Association) and later contributed stories and editorial experience to science fiction fanzine Zenith, it’s then no surprise that she many of the girls comics stories she wrote were science fiction stories. Her Supercats scripts combined with Badia’s artwork must make it one of the most well regarded stories (although she didn’t write all the scripts for that serial). She wasn’t limited to just science fiction though, she should she could write variety of styles successfully such as historical emotional stories like Cold as Charity (Judy) or mystery stories like Where is Melanie Forbes? (Judy) . My personal favourite story of hers has to be The Double Life of Sad Sarah. In the story the protagonist, Debbie’s father writes a comic strip “Sad Sarah” which had the character Sarah endure many hardships but was always patient. When the Sarah character comes to life, she is not as nice as she is written and causes trouble for Debbie! It is very cleverly written and for anyone with familiarity of these comics will appreciate the meta commentary!

(The Double Life of Sad Sarah – Mandy)

It’s interesting to see a glimpse of some of the working before the finished product, many of the stories submitted had their names changed, such as Madame Marlova originally being Madam Zaza and Marsali-Girl of Mystery becoming Nola -Girl From Nowhere. Supercats had an editorial note to “do a kind of female Star Trek” but to avoid being over technical considering the readership. It was editorial that suggested having a dark-skinned protagonist for Cybela, which is nice that they were pushing for more diverse protagonists in these comics.

(Cybela – Judy)

Sadly Marion has since passed away , but her on Phillip (who got in contact with me) is keeping her memory alive with a site dedicated to her, which is a good read as she led an interesting life and has lots of information on her writings –

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