Bunty Summer Special 1968

Cover Art: Peter Kay

Picture Stories

  • The Four Marys (Pages: 3-5) [Art: James Walker]
  • Toots (Page 7) [Art: Bill Ritchie]
  • Jane – The Happy Holiday Girl (Pages: 8-10) [Art: Hugh Thornton-Jones]
  • Milly Marbles (Pages: 12-13)
  • Tina the Tester (Pages: 14-15) [Art: Diane Gabbott]
  • Dora’s Delivery Service (Pages: 16-18) [Art: Charles Paine]
  • The Squirrels’ Secret (Pages: 20-21) [Art: Phil Gascoine]
  • Angela – Action Model (Pages: 24-25) [Art: Peter Kay]
  • The Round Table Fable (Pages: 28-29, 31) [Art: George Parlett]


  • Sil-Whoettes (Page 2)
  • Name the Dress (Page 6)
  • Hare and Hounds (Page 11)
  • Let’s Go! (Page 19)
  • Have Fun with Stickaflag (Page 22)
  • Fit the Shoes (Page 23)
  • Tree Teasers (Page 26)
  • Bunty’s Paris Fashions (Page 27)
  • How’s Your Hat Sense? (Page 30)
  • Beautiful Birds (Page 32)

*Thanks to Goof for the information and cover picture

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