Vanessa’s Voice


Vanessa Vane, who lived in Virtorian times, was struck dumb after seeing her parents killed in a street accident. A Dr Forbes discovered he could restore her voice by hypnotism and planned to grow rich from her singing talent. Vanessa made many attempts to escape, but, each time she failed.


  • Art: “B. Jackson”


  • Vanessa’s Voice – Judy: #1178 (7 August 1982) – #1186 (2 October 1982)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1508 (3 December 1988) – #1516 (28 January 1989)

One thought on “Vanessa’s Voice

  1. This sounds as if it’s strongly influenced by George du Maurier’s ‘Trilby’ – in which an artist’s model who ordinarily has a dreadful voice is hypnotised into becoming a singing star in 19C Paris.

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