Hateful Harriet \ “Be Nice to Nancy!”

Girls comics were full of bullying, blackmail and nasty girls. As evidenced in this interesting article: http://www.booksmonthly.co.uk/bully.html. So I thought I’d take a look at some of these, starting with two similar stories: Hateful Harriet Hateful Harriet–  Bunty:  #668 (31 Oct 1970) – # 677 (02 Jan 1971) Reprinted- Bunty: #1164 (03 May 1980) – #1173 … Continue reading Hateful Harriet \ “Be Nice to Nancy!”

Judy Stories

# 30 Days of Destiny A A Cure for Connie A Foster Must Do It! A Girl’s Best Friend A Mill Girl’s Story A New Life for Sue A Nose for News A Place For Homing A Pool for Wendy A School for Susan A Secret Place A Sister for Sarah A Song by Friday … Continue reading Judy Stories

Blog Posts

List of long blog posts Stories and Picture Story Library Books # £100,000 Headache (the) (Debbie PSL) A Amber  (Judy PSL) Angel  (Mandy/M&J) Angie  (Emma) Ashamed of her Mum / Trapped! (Debbie PSL/Bunty PSL) Ashamed of her Sister / She’s Guilty!  (Debbie PSL/Bunty PSL) B Bad Luck Barbara  (Mandy) Balloon of Doom  (Bunty/Lucky Charm) Barn (the)  (Mandy … Continue reading Blog Posts

Misty Short Stories VIII: Ghosts

In our eighth volume on Misty short stories we turn to the subject of ghosts, which, predictably, is huge. Owing to the expanse of the subject, there will be no individual thoughts for each story. However, the stories will be grouped into subthemes in accordance with the role the ghost served in the story, and … Continue reading Misty Short Stories VIII: Ghosts

“I Must Find My Mum” / “I’ll Find My Mum”

“I Must Find My Mum” – Bunty Picture Story Library #237  (1983) Reprinted as “I’ll Find My Mum” –   Bunty Picture Story Library #402  (1995) Partial reworking of text story Cinderella of the Orphanage Artist:  J. Badesa Plot In the text story “Cinderella of the Orphanage”  Cindy Winters (renamed Waters in the psl) has grown up … Continue reading “I Must Find My Mum” / “I’ll Find My Mum”

Misty Short Stories II

In a follow-up to Lorrsadmin’s discussion of 15 of her favourite Misty short stories, I am going to discuss 10 of the Misty stories that have really stuck with me. Some of my favourite short stories, “Mr Walenski’s Secret”, “Don’t Look Now!”, “Room for One More”, “Fancy Another Jelly Baby?”, “Prisoner in the Attic” and … Continue reading Misty Short Stories II

M&J Stories

All stories listed by start issue number. Using the arrows  at the top of each column, you can also sort alphabetically by story name, sort by issue start, issue end or year. The search box at the top also helps filter so you can enter just a particular year or story title. Click on story … Continue reading M&J Stories