Mandy Annual 1990

Picture Stories The Guardian Tree (Pages: 4-12, 33-43, 81-89, 118-127) I Can’t Stand My Sister! (Pages: 13-16) I Hate Humpty! (Pages: 19-26) [Art: Veronica Weir] Meddling Maggie (Pages: 28-31) [Art: George Martin] My Little Green Prince (Pages: 44-48) [Art: Wilf Street] Something to Hide (Pages: 44-56) [[Writer: Alison Christie, Art: “B Jackson”] I Want to … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1990

Bunty Annual 2000

Picture Stories The Comp [two parts] (Pages: 13-18, 87-92) [Artist: Peter Wilkes] Girl Zone (Pages: 19, 74-75, 98) [Artist: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 22-26) [Artist: Jim Eldridge] Bugsy (Pages: 36-37) Girls Talking (Pages: 38, 86) Creepy Creatures (Pages: 39-43) [Artist: Carlos Freixas] Room 13 (Pages: 56-60) [Artist: John Armstrong] Fay’s Future (Pages: 61-65) … Continue reading Bunty Annual 2000

Mandy Annual 1998

Picture Stories Penny’s Place (Pages: 5-16) [Art: Guy Peeters] Strange Stories [2 parts] (Pages: 17-22, 97-101) [Art: Jordi Badesa] Four in the Saddle (Pages: 25-32) [Art: Julian Vivas?] Christmas Kiss (Pages: 49-53) [Art: Maria Dembilio] Nurses (Pages: 56-62) [Art: Ron Lumsden] Wildest Dreams (Pages: 65-70) [Art: Carlos Freixas] Cancelled Christmas (Pages: 76-80) Angel (Pages: 103-106) … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1998

Mandy Annual 2005

Picture Stories Penny’s Place (Pages: 5-11) [Art: Peter Wilkes] Angel (Pages: 25-30) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Reprinted from Mandy Annual 1994 A Friend for Keeps! (Pages: 55-58) [Art: Leslie Branton] Reprinted from Mandy Annual 1994 Wee Slavey (Pages: 83-90) [Art: “B Jackson”] The Bargain (Pages: 97-103) [Art: Carlos Freixas] Reprinted from Mandy Annual 1995 (The Gift … Continue reading Mandy Annual 2005

The Revenge of Sister Sonia

Plot When their parents separated, Heather and Sonia Merton agreed to spend weekdays with their Mom and weekends with their dad. Heather was eager to make the friendly agreement work, but Sonia was bitter and decided to take revenge on their parents any way she could. Realising what she was doing Heather was determined to … Continue reading The Revenge of Sister Sonia

Saint Susan

Plot Susan Roberts decided she must be more like her sister, Jenny, who had been killed in an accident. But it was proving quite difficult for Sue a harum-scarum tomboy – to become hardworking, kind and gentle. Notes Artist: Carlos Freixas Appeared Saint Susan – Tracy: #173 (22 January 1983) – #188 (7 May 1983)

“My Darling Daughter!”

Plot In Victorian Times, orphanage superintendents, Henry and Bertha Lucas, tricked the wealthy Mrs Fenton of Langford Square into accepting their niece, Mabel, as her long lost daughter, Letty. Later the Lucas’s found out that Mabel (as Letty), her new maid, Ruth Stevens, was Mrs Fenton’s real daughter. They urged their nice to make Ruth’s … Continue reading “My Darling Daughter!”

The Power of Eve Black [1986]

The Power of Eve Black – Nikki: #73 (12 July 1986)- #83 (20 September 1986) Artist: Carlos Freixas Plot  At the Marie Watt Boarding School, everyone was quite surprised when the Headmistress, Miss Bennett, appointed new pupil Eve Black, as the 2B class captain. This is particularly concerning as she is a bully and menace to … Continue reading The Power of Eve Black [1986]