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Room in your Heart for Two


Pretty and talented Dale Peters had been in Hill-side Children’s home since the death of her parents. She’d become close friends with Donna Ducksworth, a kind, but accident prone girl. Dale was determined she’d only go to a couple who’d take Donna too.


  • Writer: Alison Christie (Fitt)
  • Artist: Ron Lumsden


  • Room in your Heart for Two – Tracy:   #209 (1 October 1983) – #224 (14 January 1984)

Charm of Evil


Twelve year old Jane Lake and her younger sister Katie, were taken to Skerry Holt’s Children Home after their parents’ sudden death. Katie found a charm in the garden and it was the exact replica of Skerry Holt. She put it on her bracelet without telling Jane. The charm had an evil influence over Katie, but Jane thought  grief was the cause of her bad behaviour and she kept getting in trouble trying to cover for her sister.



  • Charm of Evil  – Tracy: #176 (12 February 1983) – #183 (2 April 1983)

Home, Sweet Home


Stories told by Molly a young girl who stays at Maryfield Children’s home, which is run by housemother, they call Mrs M.


  • Text Story


  • Home, Sweet Home – Tracy: #69 (24 January 1981) – #76 (14 March 1981)
  • Home, Sweet Home – Tracy: #80 (11 April 1981)
  • Home, Sweet Home – Tracy: #85 (16 May 1981)
  • Home, Sweet Home – Tracy: #87 (30 May 1981)
  • Home, Sweet Home – Tracy: #184 (9 April 1983) – #185 (16 April 1983)

Doctor Fido


Thirteen year old Sally Downes lived at Bridge House Children’s Home where she liked helping out with the younger children. When an injured dog wandered into the grounds, Sally took care of him, and he bacame a firm favourite with the children, who named him Doctor Fido.

A different version turns up in a Bunty Picture Story Library book. Nurse Jill Elliot gets a job at Endervale Children’s Home and brings her dog Fido, who she’s owned since he was a pup. The Matron isn’t too happy but the children beg her to let the dog stay and they nickname him Doctor Fido.



  • Doctor Fido –  Bunty:  #1687 (12 May 1990)  –  #1697 (21 July 1990)

Other Appearances:

  • Doctor Fido – Bunty Picture Story Library: #359