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Boundary Babs


Under the terms of an ancient charter granting land to her ancestors, Babs Dixon has to run the boundaries of her father’s farm. Otherwise it falls into the hands of Sir Jeffrey Scrimley, who has already arranged an “accident” for her father and is now scheming against her.



  • Artist: Don Walker


  • Boundary Babs – Judy: #554 (22 August 1970) to #563 (24 October 1970)
  • Reprinted: Judy #987 (09 December 1978) – #996 (10 February 1979)



Heartbreak Farm


When her farmer father breaks his back in a fall. Pat Turner resolves to run the farm herself. She has nothing but trouble, including the death of her best cow from anthrax, according to the vet.

heartbreak Farm



  • Heartbreak Farm– Judy: #314 (15 January 1966) – #327 (16 April 1966)

Kitty at Keep-Away Farm


While her parents are abroad, Kitty Hunter is spending a year on her Uncle Jeb’s lonely Yorkshire moor farm, known as Keep-Away Farm because of the notices round it. She makes friends with Heather Foster, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer, only to discover that there is an 18- year-old feud between the Hunters and the Fosters. Because of this, Kitty and Heather are forbidden to meet. However, the first night she is there, Kitty and Heather help with a pot-hole rescue. Next morning, Kitty and Uncle Jeb meet the nurse who was at the rescue—and she recognises Kitty! kitty at keep away farm



  • Kitty at Keep-Away Farm – Judy:  #187 (10 August 1963) – #194 (28 September 1963)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #889 (22 January 1977) – #896 (12 March 1977)

Ellen of Elmwood Farm


Ellen Shaw had lived all her life in an orphanage until 1870 when she is sent to work on Elmwood Farm for Jonah Fleming and his sister Martha. When she arrives it seems the Flemings are surprised as they had requested a boy. Ellen hoped to prove she could work as hard as a boy so she could stay on the farm.

ellen of elmwood farm



  • Ellen of Elmwood Farm –  Mandy:   #341 (28 July 1973) –  #346 (01 September 1973)


Other Appearances:

  • Ellen of Elmwood Farm  – Mandy Annual 1977