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In the Footsteps of Flighty/ Tug-o’-War for Flighty


Corina Clewes lived in Ireland and she wanted to one day to win three day events horse show if she could find a suitable horse. Her Uncle Lenny promised her one his foals and Corina helped train him over the years and was ready to take him home, when tragically Lenny was killed in an accident. All his farm and assets had to be sold off to cover debts. Because there was no written proof that he had gifted Flighty to Corina, Flighty was auctioned off and Corina’s family were outbid. But Corina was not going to give up on Flighty.


  • Art: Dudley Wynne
  • From the 3rd episode the title changes from “In the Footsteps of Flighty” to just “Flighty”


  • In the Footsteps of Flighty – Mandy: #269 (11 March 1972) – #287 (15 July 1972)
  • Reprinted as Tug-o’-War for Flighty – Lucky Charm #15 (1981)