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Debbie’s Donkeys


Debbie Donklin was taking her grandfather’s seaside donkeys on a 200 mile walk across England, so they could join Grandad at his retirement home.


  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Mary’s ezels” – Debbie Dubbeldikboek #14 (1979).


  • Debbie’s Donkeys – Tracy:  #202 (13 August 1983) – #209 (1 October 1983)

And Jumbo Went, Too


The Jay family were promoting the products of the Hannibal Hardware Company by following the famous general’s footsteps across Europe and over the Alps. Because Hannibal had originally made the journey with a troop of elephants, the Jays had brought their own elephant, Jumbo, on the journey.

and jumbo went too



  • And Jumbo Went, Too –  Judy:  #1116 (30  May 1981) – (?)

Four on the Freedom Trail


IN the year 1940, Joan Clark was staying with her French relations, the Chapelles, in the Vosges district. Joan’s parents were on a scientific survey in the jungles of South America. War with Germany been declared the previous autumn, after Joan had begun her stay but in France there had been little fighting. While the Chapelles worried about the was, Joan and her cousin Monique were more preoccupied with the birth of a foal. But then the war comes closer to home whice leads Joan, Monique along with the mare Astra and foal, Orion on a long journey.



  • Four on the Freedom Trail – Mandy: #290 (5 August 1972) – (?)