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Misty Short Stories X: Mythical Creatures and Legends

In the tenth instalment of themed discussions on Misty short stories, we look at how Misty portrayed mythical creatures and legends. Vampires and werewolves are excluded because Misty did so many of them it would make the entry too long. Maybe at some point they will have their own Misty Short Stories entries.

There are a couple of cases where the creatures in these stories fall into a grey area. Strictly speaking, they are not mythical, but they share enough parallels with mythical creatures to be included here.

1: Creatures of the Deep

As these stories show, Misty drew on a lot of mythical sea creatures, particularly ones with hypnotic/bewitching powers. Sea monsters in Misty were far less common, but there were exceptions.


Misty: #88

Rafael Busom

Sheila meets a mermaid, but finds out the mermaid wants to capture her soul so she can venture on land; otherwise, she will be turned into a fish. The mermaid tries to bewitch Sheila with her music and lure her out to sea so they can swap places. Sheila tries to run, but no matter what she tries, she still hears the mermaid’s music. The spell gets broken when the mermaid gets caught in a fisherman’s net and becomes a fish. Although relieved to be free of the spell, Sheila does have a pang of pity for the mermaid because she was so beautiful.


We can just see the connotations of this story if Sheila had been male. Indeed, so often it is men who get bewitched by mermaids/sirens, so it is a twist to have a female fall under the spell.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

Misty: #81

Artist: Blas Gallego

Reprint: Best of Misty Monthly #8

Criminals hide their loot in a deserted lighthouse, and shoot the lighthouse keeper Andy dead. They hear a girl’s voice calling for her father and go in search of her, but both end up dead. Andy’s daughter has had her revenge on them, but it is not until the final panel that we learn she is a mermaid.


One does have to wonder how the lighthouse keeper can have a mermaid for a daughter. Guess the lighthouse is so isolated the lighthouse keeper doesn’t get much company other than mermaids. It is a nice twist, having the daughter turn out to be a mermaid, and her using her mermaid powers to wreak justified deaths on the two killers.

Seal of Secrecy

Misty: #20

Artist: John Armstrong

Margaret’s father won’t let her swim in the sea or even learn to swim, saying the currents are too treacherous and her mother and uncle drowned in a boating accident. One day a girl named Dawn swims into the cove and befriends Margaret. When Dad hears about Dawn he says she must be a Silkie i.e. a seal that takes on human form to lure people to their death, but Margaret does not believe it. Dawn returns and Margaret enters the sea with her. She discovers she can swim and dares Dawn to race her to the nearest headland. But unknown to Margaret, her mother was the Silkie and she lured the uncle to his death (no boating accident). The real reason Dad kept Margaret away from water was her Silkie blood, but it won in the end. Meanwhile, Dawn’s family are waiting for her…


This story is very reminiscent of the Jinty story “Combing Her Golden Hair”, but it has more sinister overtones. At first Dad comes across as stupid, overprotective and superstitious. But after the reveal, we see Dad has a more serious and noble reason the grandmother in the Jinty serial than for trying to fight a (losing) battle against Margaret’s Silkie heritage: it will turn her into a killer if she discovers it. He is also traumatised at losing his brother at the hands of his Silkie wife. But like the grandmother, in the end he could not win against the mythical heritage. One can only hope that as Margaret is only part Silkie and is still part human, she will not start luring people to their deaths.

Seal Song

Misty: #10

Artist: Juan Solé?

Reprint: Best of Misty #3

Meg Peters’ stepfather, Jack Tanner, abuses her and her mother. Then Meg encounters a seal on the beach. She recognises it as one she saved as a pup. It sings along to her recorder and its song comforts her. Tanner discovers the singing seal and tries to capture it so he can make money out of its singing. But the singing hypnotises Tanner and draws him out into the sea. A sudden tidal wave sweeps him away, never to be seen again. Meg and her mother are happy again, but Meg is at her happiest when she is with her singing seal.


It’s not clear if this singing seal is a mythical creature (a good Silkie, maybe?), but it comes close enough to merit inclusion here. The seal certainly is reminiscent of a siren or mermaid in the way it hypnotises Tanner with its singing and lures him to his doom.

The Sea’s Graveyard

Misty: #33

Artist: Jose Canovas

Jane Holden and her father out on their boat “The Sea Lady” and get caught in a severe storm. Jane thinks she sees a figure outside. The Sea Lady founders, and Jane regains consciousness in the hold of a strange old-fashioned ship. She finds scrolls that list the names of the ships and crews that have foundered over the ages – including themselves. Then she discovers the ship is at the bottom of the sea. Jane now realises she and her father are in Davy Jones’ locker. Davy Jones appears, and Jane recognises him as the figure she saw earlier. She throws a lantern at Davy Jones, destroying the scroll that bears the name of the Sea Lady and herself and her father as casualties. This frees them from Davy Jones’ locker, and a rescue ship is surprised to pick them up six days after they foundered. Jane has no memory of her encounter with Davy Jones. A sailor comments that it’s not often someone escapes from Davy Jones’ locker.


Indeed, it is not often you escape from Davy Jones’ locker. But it looks simple to do – just destroy the scroll with the name of your ship and name on it. Davy Jones himself sure is a frightening figure and one of the scariest in Misty’s stories. He appears as a hooded figure and there is a terrible smell of decay about him. When his face is finally shown, he seems to have some sort of reptilian skin. His locker is brilliantly conceived and the artwork really brings it to life. It is the hold of a ship that appears to be some sort of ships’ museum, and the reveal that it is at the bottom of the sea is a stunner.

Safe Until Morning

Misty: #26

Artist: Josep Gual

Reprint: Best of Misty Monthly #6

Rita is bored stiff with her camping holiday with her parents. She falls into the lake, but a monster lifts her out. It scares off bikers who try to mug her and keeps watch over her until morning. Next day a search party finds Rita. The parents decide to go home, saying they’ve spent two months looking for the Loch Ness Monster without success and reckon it must be a legend.


It’s a nice take, having the Loch Ness Monster as the protector and rescuer of a girl in trouble. We are left hoping Nessie will stay safe like Rita, as the closing text box says. Come to think of it, when Nessie appears in a girls’ serial, he (she?) tends to be portrayed as sympathetic instead of a dangerous monster that needs to be hunted down and destroyed. Bunty’s “Humpy Dumpy” is one example.

The Sea Demon

Misty: #42
Artist: Unknown

A ship picks up a survivor, Wendy Coles. She tells them her family yacht was attacked by Gorr, a sea demon who disguised himself as a human, Mr Pocock, whom they picked up on their travels. She tells them not to pick up any more survivors in case one of them is Gorr. They ignore this and continue to search for survivors. But unknown to them, Wendy is the sea demon.


Though the sea demon is not strictly a mythical creature, it is close enough to be included here. Certainly it shares several characteristics with the other mythical beasts here, particularly ones that assume human form to trap people, or simply lure them to their doom. In fact, Gorr deserves to have a serial. His power to assume any human form and his lust for destruction and evil would make him a brilliant and frightening antagonist that would be extremely tough to destroy, which would make for a thrilling, exciting serial.

Molly Magpie [1980]


While in hospital, Sandra Dunne befriends a girl who lost her memory after being hit by falling masonry. The Dunnes take the amnesiac girl in and call her Molly. Unfortunately, Molly has a compulsion to steal that she is having difficulty in stopping, and covering up for Molly keeps getting Sandra into trouble.


  • Artist: Juan Solé


  • Molly Magpie – Tracy: #26 (29 March 1980) – #36 (7 June 1980)



Short Story


A series of of complete stories, there wasn’t one theme. Stories Include:

One Little Lie… [#200] –  When Lisa Simpson transfers to a new school, she invents a boyfriend so as not to feel left out with her new friends, who all have them. But when she finds a real boyfriend, the deception backfires.

(Artist: Carlos Freixas)

Footsteps [#201] – It is Christmas Eve in the Hanson household. But it takes a creepy turn when the family start telling ghost stories and spook the daughters, Katy and Moira. Afterwards the girls get scared when they hear footsteps in the night.

(Artist: Andy Tew)

New Year Party [#202] – It is a New Year party for ’89. But which ’89?

(Artist: David Matysiak)

The Key to Happiness [#203] – In the year 1900, orphans Susan and Mary Turner are in the employ of the cruel Mrs Grim who makes them sell violets while going hungry and pockets all the takings. Then they find a mysterious key, which an illusionist promises is the key to happiness.

Key to happiness.jpg
(Artist: Juan Solé)

Football Crazy? [#204]- Fiona Carlton falls for Steve. Her friends warn that Steve keeps putting football first and has been dumped by other girlfriends because of it. But Fiona finds her own solution.

Dolly Daydream [Bunty: #1656]- Dolores “Dolly” Grey tends to daydream. She falls for Tom and tries out car maintenance, Chinese cooking and judo evening classes to impress him. None of them work out because Dolly does not concentrate because of her daydreaming. She bumps into Tom, who is looking for an evening class. When she tells him the ones she tried he is interested and asks for more information. From there they hit it off.


  • Writers: Various, including: Alison Christie
  • Artists: Various, including: Carlos Freixas, David Matysiak, Guy Peeters, Juan Solé, Andy Tew, John Armstrong, Peter Wilkes, Tom Hurst, Edmond Ripoll


  • Short Story – Nikki: #1 (23 February 1985) – #237 (2 September 1989)
    • No episodes  in issues; #32, #33, #38, #84, #90, #137, #140, #194, #216
  • Short Story –  Bunty: #1652 (9 September 1989) – #1657 (14 October 1989),
    •  Bunty: #1662 (18 November 1989), #1720 (29 December 1990)

List of Stories

  • For the Love of Dave -Nikki: #1
  • No Time for School! -Nikki: #2 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • “My Treat!” -Nikki: #3
  • Dawn Loves Paul: Pt 1 -Nikki: #4 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Dawn Loves Paul: Pt 2 -Nikki: #5
  • The Know-All from Planet Pluto -Nikki: #6
  • Roll of Honour -Nikki: #7
  • “I Want That Part!” -Nikki: #8
  • Best of Enemies! – Nikki #9
  • Mean Jeannie -Nikki: #10
  • Top Mark -Nikki: #11
  • The Drip -Nikki: #12 [Artist: Dudley Wynne]
  • Scaredy Cath -Nikki: #13 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Sammy Superstar -Nikki: #14 [Artist:  Robert MacGillivray]
  • Thinking of You… -Nikki: #15
  • *  -Nikki: #16 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Little Sister -Nikki: #17
  • Vicky Gets the Boot -Nikki: #18
  • “I’ll Make a Fool of Her!” -Nikki: #19
  • The Winner -Nikki: #20
  • Sammy Superstar (2) -Nikki: #21 [Artist:  Robert MacGillivray]
  • Looking for Trouble -Nikki: #22 [Artist: Andrew Wilson]
  • Nick’ll Fix It! -Nikki: #23
  • Blind Date  -Nikki: #24
  • The Price of Fame – Nikki #25
  • Think Thin -Nikki: #26 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Do Me a Favour -Nikki: #27
  • Four’s Company -Nikki: #28
  • Poison Ivy – Nikki #29
  • Love on the Run -Nikki: #30
  • “I’m Bored.” -Nikki: #31
  • The Most Hated Girl in School -Nikki: #34
  • Paula’s Plan -Nikki: #35 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • The Face at the Window -Nikki: #36
  • Tabitha Spells Trouble -Nikki: #37 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Among My Souvenirs…  -Nikki: #39 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • The Paper Chase -Nikki: #40
  • Sally -Nikki: #41 [Artist: Dudley Wynne]
  • Second Best -Nikki: #42
  • “You’ll Never Believe This But…” -Nikki: #43 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • The Doll’s House – Nikki #44 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Christmas Special -Nikki: #45 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • “No More Boys!” – Nikki: #46
  • Pam’s Party – Nikki: #47
  • Gran’s Old School – Nikki: #48
  • Sammy Superstar (3) – Nikki: #49 [Artist:  Robert MacGillivray]
  • “It’s a Secret!” – Nikki: #50 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • It’s Safer in Sydney! -Nikki: #51 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Big Bully -Nikki: #52 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Three Card Trick -Nikki: #53 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • A Birthday for Gilda -Nikki: #54
  • Sammy Superstar (4) -Nikki: #55 [Artist:  Robert MacGillivray]
  • Bossy Bet -Nikki: #56
  • You Know Who Your Friends Are -Nikki: #57
  • Steve Makes a Splash! -Nikki: #58
  • April Fool! -Nikki: #59 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Beth’s Brother -Nikki: #60 [Artist: Andrew Wilson]
  • A Real Friend – Nikki: #61 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Something Precious – Nikki: #62
  • My Famous Friend – Nikki: #63 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Goodbye Anna! – Nikki: #64
  • Mum Mustn’t Know! – Nikki: #65
  • Beth’s Ballet Shoes – Nikki: #66
  • Copycath! – Nikki: #67
  • Game, Set and a Perfect Match! – Nikki: #68
  • Lady’s Lucky Shoe – Nikki: #69 [Artist: Dudley Wynne]
  • Midnight Dancer -Nikki: #70  [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Lucky Silver -Nikki: #71 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Helen’s Holiday – Nikki: #72 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • The Merton Maze – Nikki: #73
  • The Fan – Nikki: #74
  • Say it With Flowers – Nikki: #75 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • All for Alan – Nikki: #76
  • Two-Timer! – Nikki: #77
  • Happy Birthday, Hazel? – Nikki: #78
  • Poor Little Rich Pearl – Nikki: #79
  • A Pony for Penny – Nikki: #80 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Be Fair to Frank! – Nikki: #81
  • Five Past Five – Nikki: #82 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • No Boys Allowed! – Nikki: #83
  • Pandora’s Rock – Nikki: #85
  • Norma’s New Neighbours -Nikki: #86
  • Blackmail! -Nikki: #87 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Ruth Sees Red! – Nikki: #88
  • Haunted House – Nikki: #89 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Telephone Friend – Nikki: #91
  • The Girl Who Knew Too Much -Nikki: #92
  • Witch Hunt! -Nikki: #93 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Glimpse of the Future – Nikki: 94 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Best Friend’s Boy  -Nikki: #95 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Leaving Lucky – Nikki: #96 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Ticket to Romance -Nikki: #97 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Star of the Show – Nikki: #98 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Boy Stealer! – Nikki: #99 [Writer: Alison Christie, Artist: Norman Lee]
  • One of the Girls -Nikki: #100 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • The Boy on the Bus -Nikki: #101 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Little Nuisance -Nikki: #102
  • Come Back Calypso – Nikki: #103 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Be My Valentine – Nikki: #104 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • For Every Occasion – Nikki: #105 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • A Doll for Laura -Nikki: #106 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Fay’s Forgotten Friend – Nikki: #107 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • One Lie Too Many – Nikki: #108 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Hidden Star – Nikki: #109 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Simon Says -Nikki: #110 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • The Doll – Nikki: #111 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Wanted – One Partner -Nikki: #112 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Debbie’s Dream -Nikki: #113 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Just Like Mum! -Nikki: #114
  • Just Good Friends – Nikki: #115 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Its in the Stars! – Nikki: #116 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Nothing Out of Three – Nikki: #117,
    • Reprinted in M&J
  • The Rose’s Revenge – Nikki: #118 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • “Lisa of Langham Priory” – Nikki: #119 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Boys! Who Needs Them? -Nikki: #120
  • Looking After Larry -Nikki: #121
  • Gemma’s Ghost -Nikki: #122  [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Wendy Must Win! -Nikki: #123  [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Secret Friends – Nikki: #124
  • The Boy On The Beach -Nikki: #125 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • No Fun for Frances -Nikki: #126 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Holiday of a Lifetime -Nikki: #127 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Rachel’s Romance -Nikki: #127 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Debbie Can’t Decide -Nikki: #128
  • It Must be Love -Nikki: #129
    • Reprinted in M&J
  • The Outsider -Nikki: #130  [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Sally’s So Shy -Nikki: #131 [Artist: Douglas Perry]
  • Double Booked -Nikki: #132 [Artist: Douglas Perry]
  • Opportunity Knocks -Nikki: #133 [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • Just One Rosette… -Nikki: #134
  • Oops -Nikki: #134 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • Dancing Girl – Nikki: #135
  • No Fun at the Fair – Nikki: #136 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Mystery at St. Mary’s -Nikki: #138 [Artist: Norman Lee]
  • The Rivals -Nikki: #139
  • Missing -Nikki: #141 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Mary Luvs? -Nikki: #142
  • Music in her Ears -Nikki: #143 [Writer: Alison Christie, Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Holiday Boyfriend -Nikki: #144
  • I Wish…I Had a Boyfriend -Nikki: #145 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Suspicion! -Nikki: #146
  • Babysitting Blues – Nikki: #147 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Something Borrowed  -Nikki: #148 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • Lonely This Christmas? -Nikki: #149 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Before The Year Ends.. -Nikki: #150
  • Double Trouble -Nikki: #151  [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • From Out Of The Mist… -Nikki: #152  [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • The Lonely Pony -Nikki: #153 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Belinda’s Boyfriend  -Nikki: #154 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • It’s Over! -Nikki: #155 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Carla In Charge  -Nikki: #156 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • A Valentine For Val -Nikki: #157 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Snap Encounter -Nikki: #158 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Cathy In Love -Nikki: #159  [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • A Date – or Else! -Nikki: #160  [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Lucky Stars -Nikki: #161 [Artist: Julio Bosch]
  • The Right Boy for Rona -Nikki: #162 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • April Fool! -Nikki: #163 [Artist: Julio Bosch]
  • Easter Teaser -Nikki: #164
  • All For Love -Nikki: #165 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Puppy Love -Nikki: #166
    • Reprint from Spellbound #4
  • Carolyn’s Career -Nikki: #167
  • One Day In May -Nikki: #168 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Friday 13th  – Nikki: #169 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • Copycat -Nikki: #171
  • U.F.O. – Nikki: #174
  • Wrong Gear – Nikki: #175
  • Love at First Sneeze! – Nikki: #176
  • Seaside Romeo -Nikki: #177
  • Tracey Tennis Ace -Nikki: #178
  • Oh, Brother -Nikki: #179 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Last Summer… -Nikki: #180
  • Gossip -Nikki: #181 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Karen’s Big Chance -Nikki: #182
  • Jumping Joan -Nikki: #183 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Sue In Spain -Nikki: #184
  • The Donkey Ride -Nikki: #185  [Writer: Alison Christie]
  • For The Love of Lorrie -Nikki: #186
  • Cradle Snatcher -Nikki: #187 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Sarah Slips Up! -Nikki: #188
  • Debbie’s Dream -Nikki: #189 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Bob’s Bark! -Nikki: #190
  • The Perfect Boyfriend? -Nikki: #191 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • The Cat Came Back -Nikki: #192
  • Stargazer -Nikki: #193
  • No Time For Wispy -Nikki: #195
  • Skip -Nikki: #196 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • No Thanks! -Nikki: #197 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Jealous! -Nikki: #198 [Artist: John Armstrong]
  • Pen-Pals -Nikki: #199
  • One Little Lie… -Nikki: #200 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Footsteps -Nikki: #201 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • New Year Party -Nikki: #202 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • The Key To Happiness  -Nikki: #203 [Artist: Juan Solé]
  • Football Crazy? -Nikki: #204 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Lucky 13 -Nikki: #205
  • The Magic Stones -Nikki: #206 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • It’s A Dog’s Life -Nikki: #207 [Artist: Dudley Wynne]
  • Baby Love -Nikki: #208
  • A Tale Of Two Valentines -Nikki: #209 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Mystery at Morlock -Nikki: #210 [Artist: Dudley Wynne]
  • Two Nice By Half… -Nikki: #211 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • Two Young? -Nikki: #212
  • Just Purr-fect! -Nikki: #214
  • Time For Action! -Nikki: #215 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Anything Dave Can Do.. -Nikki: #217  [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Fay’s Fortune -Nikki: #218 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Don’t Bet On It! -Nikki: #219 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Brother Trouble! – Nikki: #220
  • How Does Your Garden Grow – Nikki: #221 [Artist: John Armstrong]
  • Too Shy – Nikki: #222 [Artist: Sean Phillips]
  • A Rhyme for Rob – Nikki: #223
  • Just Kidding Around – Nikki: #224
  • Paula’s Problem – Nikki: #225
  • Trusting Each Other – Nikki: #226
  • Blind Date  – Nikki: #227 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • Lisa’s Locks  – Nikki: #228
  • Do This, Do That!  – Nikki: #229
  • A Happy Holiday – Nikki: #230 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Runaway! – Nikki: #231 [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • Sally in the Saddle – Nikki: #232 [Artist: Tom Hurst]
  • Pretending – Nikki: #233 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • Don’t Date Dave? – Nikki: #234
  • Debbie Decides – Nikki: #235
  • Best Friends – Nikki: #236
  • The Haunted Road – Nikki: #237 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Holiday Romance – Bunty: #1652
  • Tara’s Tale – Bunty: #1653 [Artist: David Matysiak]
  • Looking After Lester! – Bunty: #1654 [Artist: Carlos Freixas]
  • It’s a Date! – Bunty: #1655 [Artist: Edmond Ripoll]
  • Dolly Daydream – Bunty: #1656 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • One Jump Ahead – Bunty: #1657 [Artist: Guy Peeters]
  • The Miracle Maker – Bunty: #1657
  • Forget Me Not! – Bunty: #1662
  • What the Future Holds – Bunty: #1720