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The Bird of Happiness


Susan Manners feels miserable with her lot. Her family can’t afford much so she often feels left out, Mum is sick, Dad is worn out because he is forced to work too hard, and she feels lumbered with the kids and has no friends. She wishes for some happiness, and then the Bird of Happiness appears. It comes from the Land of Ssenippah, the land where dreams come true and everyone there has a Bird of Happiness. Susan travels with the Bird of Happiness into Ssenippah to find happiness. She has a lot of amazing adventures but finds true happiness eluding her.




  • The Bird of Happiness –  Mandy: #1139 (12 November 1988) – #1147 (7 January 1989)


Cat’s Eye Cottage


Spellbound story. There is something strange about Mill Cottage, or “Cat’s Eye Cottage” as the locals call it. Nobody ever rents it for long. The Bailey family rent it for a short holiday. Strange things begin to happen, which are connected with Dad’s paintings, and a mysterious cat shows up.



  • Artist: Badia


  • Cat’s Eye Cottage –  Debbie:  #326(12 May 1979) – #336 (21 July 1979)

Other Appearances:

  • Cat’s Eye Cottage – Debbie Annual 1981