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The Image of Iris


Iris Farrier found that by touching her reflection, she could release her twin image — Siri. But Siri caused so much trouble, for which Iris was blamed, that Iris was sent to Middleford Boarding School. Iris thought she was finally free of Siri until she received a postcard written backwards — in mirror writing! Iris ends up being trapped in the mirror and Siri taking over her life. A sequel had Iris break free.



  • Art: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • The Image of Iris – Judy: #1510 (17 December 1988) – #1527 (15 April 1989) [no episode issue #1520]
  • The Image of Iris (sequel)– Judy: #1534 (03 June 1989) – #1542 (29 July 1989)