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Who Is Sylvia? [1961]


Fred Pitter brought up two girls, Vi and Meg, as his daughters. On his death bed he admits he kidnapped one of the girls as a baby from Lady and Lord Davenford – but he dies before establishing which one. Lady Davenford adopts both girls in the hopes of finding out which one is her daughter, Sylvia.  Lady Davenford’s niece turns up under the pretence to help with the unruly girls, but actually wants to ensure her inheritance isn’t threatened.

who is sylvia (61)


  • Not to be confused with the story of the same name that appeared in 1968 “Who is Sylvia


  • Who Is Sylvia?–  Judy: #56 (04 February 1961) – #71 (20 May 1961)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1050 (23 February 1980) – #1065 (07 June 1980)