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Dandy of the Danger Squad


Young Policewoman Dandy Allen, of the Manningham Police, was working with a special squad in the Wharf Lane area, where her father, Police-Sergeant John Allen, had disappeared. When some prisoners broke out of the local jail, Dandy, using a borrowed motor-bike, pursued one of them and his accomplice as they raced away in a getaway car.

dandy danger



  • Dandy of the Danger Squad – Judy: #733 (26 Jan 1974) – #747 (4 May 1974)

Ernie’s Girl


The Police Chief’s computer, Electronic Random Name Indicator Extraordinary (Ernie) , had selected dizzy W.P.C.  Dora Wiggins as the person most likely to succeed. Dora didn’t agree with this – but the chief delared his computer couldn’t be wrong, and to her dismay he promoted her anyway.

Ernie's girl


  • Writer: Anthea Skiffington
  • Art: Russ Nicholson


  • Ernie’s Girl –  Bunty:  (?)  – #1428 (25 May 1985)
  • Ernie’s Girl –  Bunty:  #1646 (29 July 1989) – #1647 (05 August 1989)


Babyface Bobbie


Roberta Shaw was a policewoman who looked so young she could pass for a schoolgirl – and she was known as “Babyface Bobbie”. Bobbie became a “pupil” at Rowdown Academy so she could act as a secret bodyguard for Karen Kronor, the spoilt daughter of the President of Translavia.



  • Babyface Bobbie – Mandy: #366 (19 January 1974) – #380 (27 April 1974)